At the moment there isn’t a whole lot going on here as powdertothepeople.tv has morphed from my previous project PTTP which was very much not a place to read about JS, CSS and Beer, instead a place to see snowboarding porn.

The old site is still available here, it was my very first site I ever built and still possesses nostalgia for me.

Anyways I will be writing about things I learn, and feel the need to share, on my new journey as a JS developer focused on Angular (at the moment), and also if I feel the need to share anything about beer. I do live in the micro-brew capital of Europe - The Netherlands - so it would be a shame to not mention any beers along the way. Oh there are so many - I wouldn’t know where to start or stop…until I do know - long live JS and long live delicious craft beer.



This site is written using Jekyll & Hyde with the simplistic elegance of markdown.